Monday, November 7, 2011

I have not dissapeared!!

Hey fellow entrepreneurs! I am still here and as active as possible. In the last few months I have started the required number of new ventures. What i havent told you about is HUHO street GYms which started selling asap straight after launch. 31 in one day! I have also started Greenboards with the first school being exciting. We also launched the Cut fruit model with all the product sold out within the first day...a huge success! So to summarise we have started and maintained the following new businesses

1. stickfighting company 2. Lavender in Lavender Hill 3. CT Buskers 4. Greenboards 5. HUHO street gyms 6. Cut Fruit   7.I love tripe franchise   8. The Soccer Coop  9. Firebox  10. Collection of 1c/2c pieces

That's 10 businesses in 10 months so i am way on target to reaching my objective. As for November and December i have 2 ideas that i will try.

In November it will be Shebeen snacks and awesome idea to provide snacks to the shebeen market with a wonderfull young entrepreneur called Michael.
In December i will try Shack Wallpaper which will be the design of fubky wallpaper designs for the shack and low income market ( try kaizer chiefs wallpaper) and for shacks add in insulation into the wallpaper.
The issue is that through the process of the last 10 months I have about another 20 great ideas and i will need young dynamic project managers to help me test them. I have also started an experimental kitchen to test a whole new range of food ideas like "chicken crackling" .
The most exciting part of this journey has been that a fellow entrepreneur ( name not disclosed) gave me R500,000 to test anything i liked because i started the whole thing in the first place.
Now that is a great lesson for entrepreneurs...start first....reap the rewards later.