Friday, December 9, 2011

Final post!

Was it possible to do 12 ideas in 12 months. Yes it was. Did anyone care. I dont really know! Am i going to make money. Yep defintely! Will i carry on starting new ideas and testing them in the markeplace. Of course. My guess is that 50% will carry on and thrive and if more do then i am very happy. Have i learnt a shitload? Oh yeah. Can i replicate this model. Yes. Do others want to join me. Come on wednesday afternoons at 12 at the UCT GSB and check out my cult following...but please bring your new never know i may like it and say...Youre in! How much do you need? Lets go! Shack wallpaper and Eden cut fruit are well on their way to great success. The final stickfighting tournament of the year will be this weekend in Site C Khayelitsha and the champions will battle it out for R5,000. HUHO street gyms is awesome and Shibeen snacks has the niftiest bowls for peanuts i have ever seen ( order from me asap). The greenboards are in schools and you have to see them to beleive them. I'm gonna sell thousands of these next year. Sumary summary. In the next 3 years i want to test 500 new ideas...the next challenge. I suppose thats toobig for a blog so we'll see where it goes. On the product side i will be opening a retail store with all my funky stuff in 2012. To all those who tried a new idea in 2011 wether it worked or not you played the game my friend and that's what counts. Keep reading newspapers to find new inspiration. This is the final post. in 2012 it will be 166 businesses in 12 months or 500 businesses in 3 years challenge.