Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What will trend in Innovation in 2014?

There are a few trends that should dominate my 2014.
The first is the innovation trend to extrapolate a small thing into many things. What I call innovation diversification. So when someone identifies an insect like the locust as a new food in the market the true entrepreneur will make 100 varieties of this same product. Chocolate ones should be good.
The second trend in South Africa will revolve around innovation in our national elections. How innovative will we be campaigning and who will deliver the most innovative campaigns that will catch the eye of the public. Julius malema’s red beret is a case in point. Well done Julius…good job!
The next trend will be how low income consumers adapt to very difficult economic conditions. I see a huge market for cheaper varieties and brands of soup, and bread ( note Mama Mimi’s) as well as beans ( the baked ones in tomato sauce being my favorite).
Another trend will be how foreigners bring in the mundane older concepts from their countries into South Africa and it becomes a big hit here. Like the Fondue from Switzerland ( remember the 70”s) or Schnapps from Austria. As we have some nay foreigners in South Africa all they need to do is to bring what they see as old and normal to us and we will love it. I think the Japanese have so much to offer here and I encourage a Chindogu store please.
Trending also will be the World Design Capital in Cape Town. New ideas, new innovations and I hope lead to some really exciting and edgy installations in my city.
I heard and interview with the new head of Primedia who said in relation to movie theaters quoted someone else who said, “ Theaters have been around for 1000 years and they will be around for another thousand years”. Really! Don’t think ill be investing in Primedia shares thank you if that’s the level of innovation and change form the new CEO.
Have a great, Innovative 2014!