Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top questions all start up entrepreneurs should ask!

Here are my top questions all start up entrepreneurs should ask of themselves: They are all Yes and No questions. If it is a NO then you should seriously reconsider your business.

1. Is your idea innovative and grounded?
2. Do other people get excited about your idea?
3. Do people want to give you money or purchase shares instantly or is it a hard slog?
4. Do people criticise the idea or are they supportive?
5. Have you sold any?
6. Do you understand your customer?
7. If you have been going for longer than a year and sold nothing is this idea really worthwhile?
8. Have you built a prototype? and sold some?
9. Can you explain your business in one sentence clearly that even a 10 year old will understand
10. Do you have another idea should this one not work?

Like i said if you have too many NO's then your chances are probably a little slim to success. If you have many Yes's then you may be the next Richard Branson.