Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Raymond Ackerman entrepreneurship students are on a roll again! Check out the top 12!

Every year I lecture on innovation and love all the new ideas that come out of the course material. I really want the students to be as succesfull as Sizwe from Iyeza Express who has become quite a phenomenon. like always I get the students to use my newspaper technique and they look for innovative cutting edge ideas. I have chosen my top 12 ideas for this grouping:

1. Water protection devices for cloth bandages. In my research I saw that the product has been developed in the USA but nobody is importing it into the country. A great opportunity.

2. Breakfast traffic service. As long as the city of cape town allows this a great brand during peak hour traffic would be wonderfull.

3.  A 2 -day storage box for shack fires. When there is a shack fire people need to store their goods for at least 2 days until they build another shack.

4. Mourning camps. Its easier to mourn in a group or online than as an individual and with high levels of violence we need this.

5. Mobile Beach lockers. My fave idea for now.

6. Gun-powder detector. I love this idea. If someone has any gunpowder on them it means take a wide berth from that person.

7. Lie detector system on phones. My second fave idea.

8.  Manufacture of local celeb latex masks. Julius malema must be our first one.

9. Car Key breathalyzer. Again it does look like it could be imported but every car manufacturer should be placing these on every key for a new car bought.

10. Automatic car indicator. Most accidents happen because of a lack of indication. This can only work on a GPS system. Quite controversial.

11. Heart rate monitor while driving

12. Production of a range of swings for low income areas

Hopefully one of these will become a huge success with a great new brand.