Monday, October 20, 2014

Intervarsity Pitch is almost here

Universities are strange places. There are so many awesome people who lecture, and attend these institutions. Thats why i beleive universities are the place where innovators are found...and wow have i found them. Not only innovators but also entrepreneurs. Young people who want to make things happen for themselves. 
For quite some time i have been driven by anger. Anger that we can have a whole sports varsity competition model going on and not something that means something really...something with a brain and something like entrepreneurship that will literally change lives and change the country. Im sorry but  rugby and netball just doesnt change peoples lives and the lives of many people outside of the sport and it cant be played by all especially at the higher level. So it has always been an irony that sports at varsity is such a big thing when having a brain should be what its all about. For the sponsors like FNB it is also nonsense. Especially as a bank should be encouraging entrepreneurship. I suppose it didnt hurt to have Francois Pienaar work for the bank!
Anyhow this anger led me to start BEBOLD and build a student driven process to entrepreneurship. The ideas have been awesome throughout 2014, more universities are joining all the time, more students are participating and thank god more enlightened sponsors.
But its the student entrepreneurs who are most inspiring. Like the NWU student who designed a straw based system to take supplements, OR the UCT student who set up a tech application so students can ask questions in real time while lectures are happening OR the CPUT student who developed an e-newspaper that is neither online or paper based OR the Rhodes student who has designed a hydro-ponic system using recycled plastic pellets....
So who will win? Which varsity will take the prize. This is what the intervarsity pitch will decide in december and i cant wait!