Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Turn it around!

Everyday i hear negative comments or negative thoughts and everyday i turn them around. One of they and very successful techniques i teach is to turn every negative comment into an opportunity by turning it around. This helps in both personal living and in business as well as a life perspective that enlightens everyday and is really fun and reduces confrontation to a zero. Let me start with politicians for they are the best to practice this technique. If a politician calls another politician a cockroach then they are the actual cockroach ( TURN IT AROUND-TIA). If a politician says "pay back the money", then it is they who owe money that needs to be paid back! (TIA) If a politician says another politician is a liar, then he is the liar! (TIA) I could go on all day. Basically anything a politician says TIA it and you should get closer to the truth!
In business as an entrepreneur many comments are made all the time. That start up will never make it! TIA it and you could say "he will make it" or I could never really make it! ( says alot about people who make such comments). Your idea is worthless! TIA it....the person making the comment is worthless. I hear negative comments from so called venture capitalists and so called experts all the time and i am amazed at the negative style that is often purveyed to people....especially young people. Most of the time when i hear these negative comments i turn them around in my head and i think that person is actually showing me who they are....deep down. That is why i tell my university students to be carefull who they invite as judges to their pitch events.
In personal life this theory works wonders. If i am surfing and someone calls me a shit surfer in the water, i beleive he feels he is a shit surfer. Or someone calls another a kook, he is the actual kook. If all surfers had this technique no would bother fighting. If your partner says "you are so lazy" or whatever TIA it. They feel lazy...or in reality if we looked at the facts they are actually the lazy one.
So next time someone says anything negative or someone is debating an issue TIA it over and over and i promise your whole worldview will change, that will lead to opportunities and new doors that all people need to open.