Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final lessons from 2012

This is my last blog for the year and what a year it has been. It has been a year full of action and drama like none I have ever had before. I have succeeded and I have failed but most of all I have learnt and adapted. An entrepreneur can never stop learning and these are my lessons from 2012. In fact I can honestly say I may have had a mid life crisis in between!
The first lesson is to keep focusing and fine tuning my vision for who I am, what I am, and what my life work should be. Its so easy to lose focus. I understand more than ever that when you focus things do fall into place. I have focused on my core vision and mission in life that is innovation and creativity. This is translated into the people I meet, the projects and business I start or get involved in. My keeping the focus I am able to build opportunities and start amazing new things.
The question I ask you all is what is your focus? If you know then follow it through and if you don’t then find it! I have helped quite a people in 2012 find their focus and maybe it because I am so clear on mine.
The second big lesson for 2012 is about implementation. I have always been a good implementor but I have also tended not to follow through 100%.  In implementing the rock roads my most challenging project to date implementation was key and I cant say I did the best job. A lesson well learnt. I have committed to 1 innovative new business at a time for 1 full day a week in 2013. I will implement until the end and then with success or failure I will move on to another venture.
The Third big lesson for 2012 was about essential business principles like taxes and cash flow. Wow we live in a country so full of bureaucracy for the small guy running a business BUT it needs to be done. The invoices, chasing the cash, getting paid enough, getting a tax clearance certificate for a government contract. As an entrepreneur just suck it up and deal with it
The fourth big lesson this year has been about stakeholder management. I have made friends and I have made enemies. Its better to make friends and apologise to enemies.
The Fifth big lesson for 2012 has been about not having an opinion, that has been a growing experience for me as a guy famous for his big mouth. If you have an opinion keep it to yourself or become a politician! Otherwise stick to your vision and focus.
The sixth big lesson is about growing something slowly but surely like the vegetables in my garden. It take a vegetables a few months to grow properly. If you don’t have patience you wont eat and you will go hungry. In business grow slow and sure and before you know it you will be rich.
The last lesson for 2012 has been about balance and how important it is. For me it was about surfing…. and how I have enjoyed and challenged myself doing it.  And I made time to surf when I could have been working. It was good for my body and soul and all entrepreneurs need to find something to help find that balance. Something you can do by yourself or with a friend, but most importantly something that makes you really really happy and inspired that is yours alone.
2013? Keeping focused, growing slow, making things happen, maybe surf somewhere exotic. Travel to Ethiopia to see the Coptic churches (Its on my bucket list). Sounds good.