Thursday, December 25, 2014

BEBOLD winner announced

This is my final blog for 2014. The Final BEBOLD event was a phenomenal success with all the students giving fantastic presentations and the UCT guys coming up trumps. There innovative business to have a separate screen for questions for lecturers at university's as well as schools and conferences was a huge hit. Especially the functionality and that they had a proof of concept as well as a few sales under their belt and some good demand from other universities. The students themselves were all amazing and it proved that the hunger for innovation and entrepreneurship is huge amongst university students.

What does 2015 hold for me?

Well BEBOLD is gonna rock:

1. Set up Independent Entrepreneurship Societies at all 28 campuses across the country.
2. Have regular pitch sessions at all of these campuses
3. 50,000 university students in the system.
4. Teach innovation techniques across all campuses
5. Launch a crowdsource platform for university students only that want to invest in other student businesses
6. Have a bigger better FINALS
7. Have 3500 new businesses across all campuses

Wow, 2015 is going to be awesome.

On the innovation side, i will be doing more seeing the leaves workshops than ever across universities, corporates, rural areas, townships and hopefully internationally. This technique still works like a bomb and i still need to keep it going as i may be doing it for a very long time to come.

So lets all make 2015 the best innovation year yet and lets all support those who want to take the plunge to be innovators and entrepreneurs. They are my heroes.