Monday, October 15, 2012

why mentorship is so important

I wanted to talk about mentorship and my own life experience. To truly have a mentor must be one of the most rewarding experiences of life and to be a mentor must be an even greater experience. I have been mentored by Israeli fighter pilots and by teachers.  I feel that I will always search for a mentor when the time arises which could even be when I am 90 years old. Perhaps our children become our mentors over time as well. I have mentored really badly  and I have mentored really well. I have realized that you cant change the person to be like you but you need to allow the person to become who they need to be. I have realized that humour is really important as well as frivolity. I have also realized that to build trust the most important element of true mentorship is being available when someone needs you for it is that time that is important, not any other time.  I suppose mentorship is not about success or failure but about life long learning with one person. It has taken me a long time to learn these lessons that seem so simple but I interact with so many people these days and realize they need a mentor. Someone positive and honest and when needs be a little tough. I have been working with Sarah on taking all the new ideas we have to a new level with a crowdsourcing model that means that we showcase all the new ideas that come our way and we sell shares in them. Quite exciting to be working with her as she has the type of energy I like. I am also working with Marcelle from Lavender in lavender Hill. And Tim. And Matt from Stellenbosch and all his mates. And lets not forget Vuyisa, and Luvuyo. Then there are the 18 gangster museum guys and  Brandon from Speakers Corner. So it seems like I am busy mentoring plenty of youthful talent mostly around 25-28 years of age. It’s a great honour and a great experience as it energises me and its creative and it works.  Some new ideas that have come my way recently are and will be showcased with new brands soon and sold with Sarah under the crowdsoucing model ar (that means you can purchase shares at under R10 in perhaps the next big thing):
1.     Mobile hardware vehicles
2.     Penis Cutlery ( never laugh at an idea)
3.     Cement steps in flooded areas
4.     45 ( do a new years resolution and stick to it)
5.     A recycled can grater
6.     Read a book in jail and write a report for a reduced sentence
7.     Be what you wanted to be ( a business that allows you to experience your childhood dream….)
8.     Developing the mighty spinach into a range of new products and brand
Hopefully many new business opportunities and new opportunities  to mentor bright new talent.