Monday, March 31, 2014

Technology and issues close to our heart

Ever gone to a restaurant with a group of friends or a few couples and now the bill comes. Let's calculate quickly or just make a quick division to split the bill. The reality is if we are going to split a bill then surely we should do it correctly. It is quite an irritation as it is quite difficult to make a calculation right there. Also what if I wanted that extra special expensive cigar and no one else did.or more wine. I think that all restaurants should have a special app for split bills. I recently heard the idea and thought how practical, that's something I would use. Like all apps I am not a fan as most don't make any money but this is one that if fitted to all restaurants ( and restaurants would buy it) then it may work.
At the same workshop I also heard another idea that is very personal to me. Magnificent hard working sportsmen and women who sweat blood and tears to make it on the world stage but receive no sponsorship from companies or government. Damn it irritates me because I know how hard these guys work. There should be an organization that connects sponsors with minor sports not just the big money sports. Perhaps starting with crowd funding and later with connecting money to actual sporting codes who don't have any financial support. I think this is something I need to do as my young son is a top karate fighter and if we travel overseas to compete it will cost me a fortune. This must be done on a web platform. Another good example of technology that could makea big difference
I suppose the lesson here is innovation is sometimes best handled when very personal and tackles issues that are very close to our hearts.