Thursday, March 17, 2011

entrepreneur explosion

I apologise to anyone who may have been following this blog but everything just a good way. Family life and kids is hectic enough only to have all the projects and businesses i am running ( besides the blog) explode as well. Stick fighting hits CNN this week sometime and i suppose the lesson here is a great implementor with a great product equals success. I really need to have an implemntor for every new business that i can trust will drive the nail straight in and make it work. I have also started the process of writing my next book, "seeing the leaves' which will hopefully also explode and inspire people to find innovation exciting and new ideas accessible. The Rock Roads ( yes, i'm building roads with rock) just received all the cash i need to build my pilot road ( a few million) I have a great implementor so i know that this will turn out to be a monster business/ project. I'm off to London in April where I will be meeting with Supporters Direct re: the Soccer Coop model and others are knocking down my door to implement it. The April idea is moving slow because of the explosion...change is needed...something simpler. What about a spot the ball gambling business. Spot the ball ( any sport) in community papers, entry fees and winners. Dunno, i like the idea, but gambling...gotta find a positive social angle...i know portion of profits go towards poor sports clubs every week. As you can all read my head is about to explode, the southeaster is up so i cant surf much ( weekend looks better) and release my more coffee day at a time. Most people would love to be in my position but i'm telling you its hectic.