Thursday, April 7, 2011

Urban Lavender Farm in Lavender Hill

OK, OK, I have been shocking at this blog stuff. But I have a ,massively busy life. have made a decison as to the new venture i will tackle of the next month or so. There is a young student who asked me to help him. he is from Lavender Hill, the gangland area near muizenberg which is seen as part of the cape Flats a dry, windy sort of desolate space. I immediately asked him if there was any lavender in lavender Hill. what he said...never heard of the stuff. no lavender in lavender Hill, this sounds like my kinda opportunity. the plan is to plant 1,000,000 lavender plants in lavender hill. The point is to develop an urban farm. Instead of the wasteland the amazing colours of rows of lavender will be seen by the world, lavender will calm the area down and jobs will be created via the growing and processing of the lavender. This will be a business but it will also be an attempt at social art, and social activism. Can nature overpower evil into good just by being present. I think so. So I need to collect lavender cuttings from JOE PUBLIC....thats you mense. Call me or send me a mail, send to a friend, and i will come and take cuttings from your lavender plant or you can deliver to me. My own plants have contributed 100 cuttings....only 900,000 cuttings to go.