Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lavender forever and some other things

The Lavender project has taken off like a rocketship and this has inspired many people to give cuttings and money for plants. Keep them coming. It only costs R2 for a plug which we can buy from a nursery so i will launch the R2 plug campaign sometime. Vuyisile has set up a lavender growing facility aka nursery at one of the Lavender Hill primary schools and i hope to involve as many kids as possible. Cuttings are going full steam and its amazing how many cuttings you can get from one bush. Literally hundreds. The land is also good to go. I am feeling very confident about this project as it has all the right ingredients of a great venture. I can see the lavender farm with all the colours and the rows already and know that everyone will be inspired. Marcelle my project manager is also excited to learn and grow and i truly beleive that great young people like her are going to make a great difference in this country one day. Mostly because we need to harness this enthusiasm and creativity of the youth to try new things and make them happen. I just came back from London and the youth are just so much more advanced there in terms of their outlook of life. Entering the TATE museum you see thousands of young faces interactinh with Miro and Picasso and you have to beleive that this makes a difference in the creativity and open mindedness of Europes youth as well as innovation. we want south african youth to be innovative and come up with new ideas for business and art but if they havent seen anything then how do they do this? My mission in life is to inspire young, no all people to be innovative everyday so life become a piece of art and you can all be part of making something happen.
I met the Supporters direct people, a guy called James ( remember the soccer idea in month 2) and there is defintely a way forward here now. He explained that i should do a type of barometer of all the clubs in South Africa based on shareholding, financial position, constitutions, if shares are available, governance, sustainability, and any social impact. This would be the start of the initiative as it will give a direct indication of where soccer really is in SA for the public at large. There are some big things on the horizon for me re: innovation on a mass public scale which i can only reveal when the contract is signed, however the month is almost up and i have a few options for next month. The first is CT buskers which will formalise busking by having 50 dedicated busker points and buskers will have to audition each year (to get the best and most inspiring) and to promote the city as a lively destination full of art. The second idea is Train Charity which will promote 1 new registered charity per day on the trains in a professional manner that people can trust. The third idea is called Holy Water. I want to get old wine barrels, clean them up, add in tap water, place them in churches of all types, and then sell small vials called holy water after a month or so. This will raise awareness of water as the rare and special resource that we have. Help me choose the idea for May.