Thursday, July 7, 2011

i'm gettin a PA cos every entrepreneur needs one

I havent been writing much because frankly i am just too damn busy. The rock roads project has come to life and so have my innovation workshops. If anyone wants a copy of the innovation series please send to my email account and i will send a free copy. But this also means that although my business model for starting them and handing over to managers is working i'm still swamped. So is it time for a PA? I think so. As an entrepreneur of the highest order i need someone to actually handle the stuff that gives me alzheimers. Those little details like my diary, or when to pick up a child, or that all important travel arrangement. So like all things VP i have decided after my brazil trip ( oh yeah i'm going to brazil and colombia next week) to get the PA. It should be interesting to just let go of the nitty gritty. Will this save me time? Will it mean i start even more ventures as i have more time and energy? probably but isnt that the point... to just go for it manic and excited about the new enjoy every moment of the journey with friends and family and...i am sounding slightly manic ut i have had 4 espressos already and woke up at 4am to be in JHB today. Talking of espresso i think i may be going into the coffee business in my own social enterprise way with jake my mate. More of that later when the plan is done...but suffice it to say i want to take over shebeens and start serving capuccino to the masses instead of beer. Impossible? Not a chance. The government wants a solution to alcohol ads...dont ban them that stupid...serve more coffee!