Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing the leaves, the book of teaching people to find new ideas

For many years i have been teaching people how to find brand new refreshing ideas for the market. My technique is called "seeing the leaves" and you can now get the information for free from my blog via my newspaper i have produced, called, you get it, "seeing the leaves".  You can take the technique and practice as much as you like. I promise you that if you keep on practicing this technique you will come up with that great new idea that is both simple to do and wont cost that much. A few months ago i did this technique with WIPHOLD, Old Mutual and Nedbank, and we came up with amazing new ideas. Two of these ideas are Sewash and the Firebox. Sewash is an awesome concept that takes from the fact that local people in the interior of the country use seawater to drink for both health ( enema) and spiritual reasons. However no one has ever commercialised the water into a cool brand ( SEWASH) and made sure the water was cleaned to SABS standards. A very cool concept that we will pilot soon. Remember my beleif is that you need to pilot as much as possible to find the truly creative out there. Noted that the seawater is free and there is undoubtably plenty of fact endless supply. The Firebox is an idea that i have been working on but fits the partners so well from a branding and new customer value add. This idea will hopefully see every household in a shack in SA have their own firebox with a recognised brand on it. This will be piloted soon as well.   So download the newspaper read it, start practicing and pass the knowledge onto other people so they can find new and fresh ideas that will blow people away. It really is easy. Send me the ideas from the technique and i will happily add my 10 cents worth. Good luck reading the newspaper, have fun and come on, lets find the next big thing together.