Sunday, April 14, 2013

Companies and innovation: What is the process to get all employees to begin innovating

All companies big and small need to innovate in order to get ahead of the competition. Over the years i have noticed the increasing need for companies in South Africa to innovate from the bottom up. I have designed the following process for companies;

The Ideas generation phase uses my Seeing the Leaves technique which i still think is the best idea generator in the world! I have tested it and tested it and implemented it all over the world and it really does work. You can download for free the seeing the leaves newspaper technique on my blog.
I believe that the pitching of ideas is vital as it gets the ideas in the open and allows for full transparency re: who brought the idea to the company in the first place. It is also exciting and fun.
A company needs to take some of the ideas and develop what i call a test fund that can fund the exploration of new ideas. The test must be small and cover both marketability and viability and can it be made or done!
Once the test has been complete and if it is successfull then companies can invest bigger into the concept.
The biggest issue for employees is how they benefit from bringing new ideas into a company. For me it is the most exciting part of being an employee. If i have a great idea i can be the jockey for the the whole process or i can let the company develop the idea and i can follow it. Either way if i am an employee this could change my life and the life my company.