Thursday, April 25, 2013

My favourite TV program at the moment

I do love TV, especially documentaries. There is one at the moment called the "Men who built America" based on the life stories of guys like Carnegie, Van der Bilt, JP Morgan, Rockefeller. i love this show as it shows clearly the ups and downs of being an innovator, pioneer and entrepreneur. There are so many lessons in this program and so inspiring it reminds me exactly why there are so few entrepreneurs in the world. The program shows clearly that to be an entrepreneur you need the following qualities:

1. An unflinching desire toward taking risks which very few people are capable of.
2. Having a vision which does not always have a clear path but going on the journey anyway
3. A little bit of luck but making that luck yourself most of the time
4. Understanding that there will be ups and downs and one needs to deal with both
5. Never underestimate your competition
6. You have to be ruthless sometimes
7. Be careful who you bring in as partners and staff
8. No one cares that you started the company most people want to see your downfall
9. Raising capital for your venture is never easy
10. Unexpected circumstances cannot be seen

I encourage all would be entrepreneurs to read the stories of these entrepreneurs or watch the program on TV. It is beyond fascinating and just affirms everything that i have lived and understand as an entrepreneur