Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some Great New ideas! Drive through ATM's, Dead body barriers and self help affidavits at police stations

Once upon a time I wanted to draw cash from an ATM. Problem 1: I couldnt find parking. Problem 2: when i did find parking it was miles away. Problem 3: The cost of the parking was blue murder Problem 4: I had to go into a mall wasting my time Problem 5: It was late and dark and dangerous. So why not have a drive through ATM. We have fast food drive thru's and they work really well. Security is better and one could have all the banks under one roof. ATM cash withdrawals will become much easier to manage and convenient for me. My vote is for DRive thru ATM's as i could also buy my burger and chips at the same time.
When one looks at the newspapers or images of dead gangsters or murdered people on the TV one can see real live dead bodies, people under blankets with red splotches and often kids seeing these images in the communities where they live. Someone needs to design a proper barrier that is erected by police or the community so people dont have to be bombarded with these sickening images. As this is a global problem police all over the world could use and purchase whatever barrier is designed as a uniquely SA design. Im sick and tired of seeing a 4 year old seeing these images in poor communities when i would never let my kids see the same things.
When people go into a police station they often need to give an affidavit. However there are 2 problems  for people who enter a local police station. 1: The police writing the affidavit often dont do such a great job and their literacy skills are often poor. 2: Many affidavits are lost. A self help kiosk similar to a a self help kiosk at the airport for ticket vending could be designed so people can do their own affidavits, print them and save them on a central server. The police officer can read and sign and store the paper copy. I really like this idea as the justice system is often fraught with poor record keeping and management.