Sunday, August 25, 2013

Changing perceptions: How investors and entrepreneurs can make magic and change the world.

For sometime now i have been wondering like other people in my network how one changes the perceptions of people who do have money and link them with entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The problem is that people with money will often choosour e safe options as investment or they will invest with people they know. The journey to find a new system came with the realisation that there is a missing link between these two parties. The missing link is the connector. That person who connects the entrepreneur with the investor. However connectors at the moment are institutional investors, people who manage funds for other people and they are paid a fee to connect. In other words they are like brokers and they get paid to do so so the people they represent make more money. However this system is flawed as connectors should not be paid! And this was the radical realisation! We all live in tribes still. The religious tribes, the colour tribes, the sex tribes etc. So connectors are busy all the time connecting people within their own tribes. To connect someone from outside the tribe does entail some risk and personal reputational damage. So why not build a system of connectors across tribes who will connect with one another and connect with thousands of businesses and then these businesses should connect with one another as well. And this is the essence of a new world order from the I-ego to the W-ego. Where connectors understand that everyone including themselves benefit as does society in the growth of jobs and prosperity for all. So it does not matter wether connectors are connecting with regards to a small businesses selling chickens or the next technology enterprise that could change the way we do business in Africa. The point is real connectors are the missing link who operate because they beleive this is the right thing to do. If they do benefit they could be the first to invest or be paid if the entrepreneur chooses to do so not because its the dealmaker. Connectors are sitting in coffee shops all the time doing just this. I know because i am one of these people. Now imagine an organisation dedicated to supporting these connectors. Holding events for them, paying the coffee bill, maybe a flight to connect two people together to create magic. Would you want to be a connector? Soon something is going to happen where 1000 connectors meet and try and see if 10,000 businesses can receive the connectivity they need to take their businesses to the next level and change the way we perceive what we do now as seriously old school.