Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Water Fountains and water coolers could be cool!

Looking at the newspapers I saw a picture of a very pretty park. In the park hidden in the picture was a small water fountain. Looking at the fountain i wondered wether you could put anything in a water fountain? or a water cooler? Well yes of course you could. You could put in coke or milk or beer or iced tea! Then i thought how many water coolers there are and how many public fountains there are and i thought why not fill a few with some odd stuff and see what happens when people come and take a drink. At the public fountains it caused a huge rage as people suddenly got a squirt of coke or milk. Then i thought why not create my own fountains and see what happens? Then i can place them anywhere and i can get clients to fill them and people can then drink from the fountain....a new concept that could create brilliant brand awareness and generate a whole new form of income.