Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you an Honest Broker (HB)? or a Greedy Mother F....R

1. Do you connect people with other people at parties like clockwork? 
2. Do you sit at coffee shops all day chatting away to people? 
3. Does your wife say you love to chat when all she wants to do is leave? 
4. Do your kids get annoyed when you have long conversations with people while they want to go and play?
5. Does your brain automatically think about dollar signs when you see a potential opportunity?
6. Are you interested in other people’s businesses? 
7. Do you try and cut yourself in a deal even if its not your own?
8. When you think of the word broker do you think Mother Theresa? 
9. When you die will they put on your tombstone “He helped other people” ? 
10. Have you a story where you connected one person to another and something great happened in business because of you? 

To be nominated OR to become an HB you should have scored:
   8 (YES)
  2 (NO)
Or somewhere close to that!