Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Could drunken students cooking become a business?

The UCT entrepreneurship Society are an awesome bunch. I recently took them through a process of seeing the leaves and they had to come up with great ideas and implement them. 4 awesome ideas were chosen.

1. Drunken students learning how to cook.

The students wanted to great easy to use printed recipes as students are generally poor cooks and guide students to purchasing clever at local retailers. A great big thanks to Shoprite managers who were the only one's to say go-for-it! What the students didn't realise was their promotional video is the actual business. This is one of the quirks of a start-up. Often the "real" business is the "mistake" or the unintentional part of the business. The video is quirky and funny and something students can relate to. Now every recipe can be placed on facebook and students will watch other students cooking with all the natural characters and impromptu students stuff that is impossible to script.

Check out the link

2. University tours

Universities have so many great stories, so many nooks and crannies and so many characters. This idea is so cool as students could easily run and manage it and then expand it to other universities. 

3. Replicart

The winner on the night takes full scale replica art ( Think a full scale Jackson Pollock), and creates galleries so people can see what the art is really like. In a place like South Africa it would be nigh impossible for many kids and even adults to ever see a Jackson Pollock or the lilies painted by Matisse. Now they can experience it first hand. When they tested this idea they blew everyone away and with thousands of schools this idea is a winner.

4. Baby growers with crazy sayings

Imagine your baby with a baby grower saying, " watch your daughters" for a very cool little boy. The sayings are endless and funny and quirky and they sold out within a few minutes. A winner in my book as this could be a global trend very easily.

The UCT entrepreneurship society has been awesome to work with and i am sure if they pursue these ideas all of them will be successful.