Friday, November 26, 2010

day 2 organising the stick fighting tournament

So the stick fighting tournament is this Sunday in Mfuleni ( one of Cape Town's townships). The venue is an open piece of land on the left hand side of the main road that leads into the township. You are all welcome to attend, i promise it will be breathtaking. I have my man on the inside helping me called Vuyisile. He is fantastic. He is a small waif of a rasta who doesnt eat any meat. We have arranged for a medical practitioner ( in case there is blood...there will be some blood!) We have arranged protective helmets for the one's who want it. We have cut the sticks ( aliens I might add!) and we have placed posters. Vuyisile has taken most of the responsibilities and my hope is he will take this on as his business as i instill the passion and the viability of the business in him. This is my model and it has never failed before. V has also organised judges and referees. Every fighter will receive R30 and the winner R1000 cash. Let the games begin!