Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 3 an amazing tournament

Wow, wow, and more wow! The stick-fighting tournament in Mfuleni was amazing, exciting, dangerous, exhilirating! There were 4 of us who took the drive. As we turned the corner, I said to the guys, "im not sure where were going, but just look for the crowds, there's always crowds at these tournaments. And there they were. Overlooking a dusty patch of earth near a block of flats were about 400 gregarious spectators. We stopped the car moving quickly toward the crowd and toward Vuyisile. The fight started just then and the men hit, blocked, moved, the crowd got more excited. Nick my photographer friend jumped in and started taking pictures ( which I will show you tomorrow). There was an injured guy being looked after by the genteel medic. Fight after fight brought the crowd to raptous joy. They clapped the winners and the event went very smoothly with the judges and organisers doing a great job. One guy got his head split open and lost the bout. I asked Vuyisile to give him a helmet which we had offered to all fighters. He declined and so did all the other fighters. The crowd went ballistic went when we offered the helmets baying for a real fight. We all left feeling like we were on a complete high. The event had everything that a sponsor would be interested in, but most importantly it had the support of the masses.