Thursday, November 25, 2010

the stick fighting company, the first business

This is day 1 of my challenge to start 12 businesses in 12 months. I have chosen my first business to start, namely "The Stick fighting Company". You may be asking what kind of business is that? Let me explain. I teach innovation once a week and one of the students saw in the newspapers a picture of people protesting (or toy toying as we say in South Africa). He looked at the sticks the men were carrying and thought about a new business opportunity. Why not start stick fighting tournaments? Stick fighting is a traditional fighting technique practiced around the world, usually by young men during their initiations. However in many parts of the world this tradition is dying.
So back to the Stick Fighting Company. What I aim to do is the following. Hold weekly stick fighting tournaments in townships ( slums), entrance will be free, and i will seek sponsorship from major corporates. One winner will win it all! At the same time I will be choosing the best fighters and train them to hold corporate workshops for a fee. Whenever a corporate holds a workshop or event they can hold a fun stick fighting lesson and tournament at work ( with padding). Because we will be holding tournaments every week i hope to set up clubs across the country. Once this happens i hope to have a national competition that is televised. I will publish a book on stick fighting and maybe even a movie. I will also sell T-shirts and sticks will be packaged for sale with all the rules of stickfighting. The tournament will happen on Sunday and i will paste pictures and a UTUBE insert on monday.