Friday, February 11, 2011

an entrepreneur needs to be flexible

So i met with my buddy Ben the lawyer and his colleauge and we thrashed out wether a central cooperative was the best model for the fans coop. It turns out it isnt. All sorts of issues related to shares etc and it would cost about R1 million to set up. So i am back at square one and probably copy "Supporters Direct" a non-profit from the UK where i got the idea in the first place. Basically it would be better to set up a fan's coop with each and every team we decide to do a deal with. The non-profit entity would be funded to help fans to set up these coops and the coops can buy into the clubs and keep them honest. By chance i will be travelling to the UK in April and i will go and see them, chat with them and learn as much of possible so i can implement this concept properly. In the meantime i will try and get 1 soccer club ( Martizburg united), 1 cricket team ?? and one rugby fan base ( the bulls would be best) and see if we can test case the concept.