Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fans are generally treated like shit

while i continue working on the stick fighting Company and the Tripe Franchise and they are all moving nicely, the 1st always means a new venture.
I am a major sports fan, but fans are treated like shit. The clubs need fans, so do countries, players, sponsors and owners. Without fans there is no sport. So what is it about fans that make them so fanatical and loyal about their teams and players and yet receive so little in return. Passion maybe? Lets look at local teams. The 3 biggest sports codes rugby, cricket and soccer all need fans. when stadiums are empty the game is dead! for all these 3 sports and millions of fans, how many can actually own a share in a club? The answre is a simple none! None! Why is is that fans cant own shares. The answer is because sports are controlled by a few powerfull individuals either as owners or as committees. Now as a fan this really pisses me off. I want to own shares in Chiefs, Pirates, Stormers and ( well I dont really follow local cricket but i know a few people who do....right!). while riding the train one day i read an article about a UK Non profit that mobilised fans to set up a cooperative ( which means you can own as many shares as youn like but you only get one vote). This Cooperative then purchased shares in local clubs and there are now over 300, sit on their boards, add revenue to the club when needed, help make decisions, and so on. So I started to calculate how much the soccer clubs in South Africa are worth? My gues is no more than R60 million-R100 million. So if i sold shares in a cooperative of which i have no name yet for R100 i would need 1 million fans to purchase shares so the fans could own all the PSL clubs in the country...yup this is the next idea. Fans will invest in the coop, the coop will offer to purchase shares in clubs, the fan will become a part of the game ( rather than some fat dickheads who only care about their own pockets not the game or the fan), fans will fill stadiums, fans will make money and buy more merchandising goods.
The next steps are to meet with my lawyer buddies to make sure its legal and the cash is safe, to meet with my other buddy for the branding, and then we can launch to the public. The ultimate goal is to purchase shares in all 3 codes and let the fans rule again that belongs to them...viva