Monday, January 31, 2011

up the tripe business and hello to the new business

when i judge a good business idea i always notice the reaction of the individual when I tell them the concept. Whenever i talk about the tripe concept the individuals either go "what a great idea", I love it, or they go UUUURGHE, sies, Offal. The fact is over 90% of people who tasted and heard about the concept loved it...and thats why i called it "I love tripe". I dont want to beat around the bush but this is a "black" concept, and while white people stick their noses up at it it amazes me that they would probably try it when travelling in Italy but resist when at home. Sies man, thats not nice. As I said before this is a concept whose time is now. I will see the appropiate financing and cook and sell shortly. As far as the world tripe festival goes i will wait till winter when i feel this concept will be even stronger.
This means that i need to make the very difficult choice of a new business for February. I have been dying to do the soccer cooperative for such a long time now that i think a coop will be exciting and different to what i have already done, namely a Trust(stickfighting) and a franchise food model. I will add in the franchise docs still for the tripe model as well as the recipes for you to try. Nick and I are also going to do a tripe cookbook so you can all indulge in this lekker food.