Thursday, January 13, 2011

I forgot to mention in my last blog that I also want the first Tripe festival probably in the world.
In order for the tripe business to get off the ground there are a number of details we are working on.
1. Permits. And you know how i hate permits. These include health and safety permits and hawkers licences. On the tripe business however the health permits are a good thing when it comes to food but lets see how comprehensive they are. if they are like the "entertainment permits" we received for stick fighting then i am not sure i will be too impressed and i'm not too worried about this.
2. The process of purchasing the tripe and various suppliers. These are looking positive and i dont see any problems.
3. Cooking the tripe...not sure who is going to do this yet???
4. recipes and testing of recipes. There are 4 varieties that we need to test on the streets in the next few days. These are curry, tomato and onion, spicy, mushroom. Based on teh feedback of people we will choose 2 for the stand. I also want an open competition for people to send recipes and bring samples to a single place over 1 day of sampling. The winner will receive R1,000 and we will use best recipes for the cookbook. The winners will also be able to have the option of becoming chefs for the business.
5. The mobile units. In a new business i dont want to expend too much capital in infrastructure until we have tested the concept fully. My friend Yolanda has some units we can use and i hope this works out. Otherwise we will be needing another a chinese bicycle! (thanks douglas)
6.The logistics of moving a cooked product to the streets ideas yet?
Ps : the stick fighting company is flourishing, the next tournament is soon and we are getting plenty of publicity