Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the tripe business is gaining momentum

its all getting very exciting as we near to the launch of our product on the streets of cape town. Alex mother and mother-in-law will be making the product and we have our locations set out on various street corners. We will cook on Sunday and start to promote on monday. The T-shirts are ready and will say. " I Love Tripe". On the same day i will send samples to various radio stations and journalists with the promoters and their t-shirts. After monday we can reassess and see where we are in terms of the business. I have encouraged alex to docuemnt every little detail as we want it to be a franchise operation. we have also decided on a venue for the first tripe festival (probably in the world) which will be a small park in a small suburb in Athlone. I want it to be really local and for the locals to really buy into it. when other people start arriving and producing their tripe they may get a big surprise and become excited about future events. The prize for the best tripe on the day of the festival will be R1,000 and the recipes have to be produced. what alex and i are learning is to keep a detailed record of everything, even every converstaion we have for a franchise operation, and that cleaning and cooking tripe is an onerous process which has become a USP for us...strange.