Thursday, January 20, 2011

tripe franchise costs

Alex is meeting with a business banker from FNB tomorrow to discuss franchising and financing for franchises etc. Should hopefully come out with some good information and information packs. It is essential that all details pertaining to starting a new franchise is acquired. Its not as easy getting the correct information but hopefully through our experience others can learn from our mistakes and experience.
We are good to go with the cooking of the tripe this weekend. Just hired the gas cookers, gas and pots – collecting tomorrow. Buying all ingredients tomorrow as well – total cost of R1061 for the weekend hire for all equipment, R400.00 of which is a deposit – so total hiring costs are R661.00 for the weekend.
we havent really costed the whole start up process but that is the beauty of the way i do things. I do them first then work on the costs. Sort of backward but i beleive this is the way forward for many businesses otherwise they just dont get off the ground. i am driven to getting things done and then hoping for a snowball effect. I asked my friend Dorria Watts who is the best PR I know for names of magazine and newspaper foodies which she has given me. Alex and I will send them a outline of the tripe franchise idea as well as some samples. Just hope they take to the idea as quickly as the media took to the stickfighting concept.
Just got a price list from A&S Distributors. Alex 's brother brother put himm onto them – they supply restaurants, stores with product. So our costs will now go down because the costs of a majority of the ingredients will be going down. Will be able to calculate new costs with this price list. We can use financials I sent you for February trial period though as we need to finalise issues such as cooking of tripe labour costs, transport costs of tripe from place of cooking to traders in town, other cooking costs such as equipment, premises etc. I will do some homework on these items and start putting together the final franchise numbers that will go into the franchise document.
T-shirts are being collected tomorrow as well as cooking equipments as mentioned above. Packaging will also be purchased tomorrow. cant wait to se the T-shirts on the streets.
on the promotion side we will only do a small run in the beginning and i have decided to sell from the start, even before promoting the product. My thinking is if it sells from day 1 then it will sell all the time. Thinking what Donald Trump would do on the apprentice.