Friday, January 14, 2011

dreams and visions of a madman

14 days into the tripe business and its all going really well. i am really happy with alex and i am convinced that the tripe festival is going to be a real hit. i can see it already. a small park, a few tripe stands, lots of community action as people come and sample and buy all the different products. a winner for the day and one big happy rounded face of a woman from the area. As i hand her the cheque of R1,000 i am drawn to her success and her pride in cooking something she has been doing forever and perhaps the recipe that has been used for centuries. i can see myself taking a whole load of scrap papers with recipes scralled over them and i can see myself poring over them and shaking my head. Wow i'm thinking this is so awesome. i can see the cookbook on the shelves and i can see queues of people buying tripe of the streets. all of this giving me joy. if i can see it already then i know it will become real. i only wish that everyone can take their own visions, and dream them and see them and keep doing this until they are real. What a great feeling. This is what an entrepreneur is all about. That great feeling.