Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why a Tripe Franchise?

So you probably all think I am kind of crazy doing a tripe franchise. For those of you who dont really know what tripe is the intestines of the stomach. The idea actually came to me while travelling in Italy. There I was in my first trattoria and on the menu was trippa (Tripe). So I ordered it and it was magnificent. I asked the owner if tripe was popular in Italy and he raved and raved about its importance to genuine Italian cusisine. I then went to the largest Florentine open air market and the most popular stall was the tripe stall which was considered very famous. In the queue were office workers in suits and ties and then it hit me! In a country like South Africa tripe is only seen as stinky poor man's food. In Italy the land of gastronomy it was seen as a gift and a delicacy...something that takes time to cook and revered as a popular food amongst rich and poor. Why not try and and popularise the concept in South Africa? So this is how the idea came about. Food franchises are very popular. So the business concept for the tripe franchise is as follows.

1. Formulate a mobile street tripe franchise that the general public love
2. Change people's perception about Tripe
3. Offer cooked tripe to top end restaurants for their menus
4. Publish a tripe recipe book

Welcome to "I love Tripe" coming to a corner near you!