Thursday, June 16, 2011

Innovation and young south africans

yesterday i did a massive workshop for approx 300 youngsters from Khayelitsha. Being youth day today i was so taken by many of these young people and their vibrancy that on one side i am saddened at their plight and lack of opportunity and on the other side i am inspired at their bravery because of the circumstance that millions like them have been born with. They face a tough journey and they need so much support and encouragement...and i aim to make it my priority to provide as much as i can from my side wether it is time or money. It is the right things to do. The workshop is a massive success and the model works beautifully...they really do get it qucikly and efficiently. if my angel donors come together then we can start 50-100 new startups a year, and manage these pilot programs. I also hope that the NYDA and the economic development partners also come to the party. We need innovative youngsters with innovative ideas...we need to pilot these ideas and then we need to help them along step by step. So what ideas did i like yesterday...
My top one'e were,
1. A professional usher company for large sporting events like the Cape Argus Cyce tour ( this is a great place to use the unemployed)
2. The re-design of seating for public spaces and trains ( as they are really uncomfortable at the moment)
3. The Umbukhu mbukhu doll ( a healthy fat black baby toy)
4. A special stick for lightning
5. a sports jersey with all 3 logo's of soccer, rugby and cricket on
6. removable water lining for shacks
7. promotion of vegetarianism as a health and weight loss system
8. Using childrens' seesaws to weigh people as a fun thing to help with obesity
9. herb biscuits with real medicines inside for things like colds and flu
10.a special dryer for home based esp. in wet weather

There were many more ideas but these are simple and easy and can be launched as pilots without too much fuss.
The SABEF people also have their heart in the right place as do my ex-students from RAA. Now its time on youth day to make a these youngsters...and help change this country through its dynamic young people. They really do need help.