Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks Kurt!

Kurt is correct in getting the community more involved and taking more ownership. Thanks for the input. marcelle and i thus thought this through and in the entrepreneurial spirit we came out with the following response.

1. We will make it known that people from the community can get a FREE lavender plant once the cuttings are bigger and all they need to do is put their name and details down. we will publicise this in the local papers.

2. we will buy-back all stolen plants at double the rate. I am interested in how much people actually paid the plants.

3. we will mourn the damaged plants by painting little lavender figurines on a memorial wall. xxxx number destroyed for all to see.

4. We will also make up TAKE ME signs where anyone can take a plant in exchange they will provide us with some of the flowers on a yearly basis. After all we do want a lavender plant in every household in lavender hill.

As an entrepreneur this type of left brain thinking is whats needed. Our donors of plants and cuttings will probably support us more in a crisis and we have other creative ideas out of this as well. The lesson is that crisis often creates the best opportunities. Kurt is correct that its only a few miscreants that have damaged the property. The whole community cannot be labelled the same because of these people. However our response needs to be clever and well thought out and i'm happy with what we have come up with. When an entrepreneur is faced with these sticky times he needs to think very carefully about the correct response and see all the great opportunities. Thanks again Kurt!