Monday, June 6, 2011

what is the june idea? the firebox!

Simplicity and clarity are always make for the best ideas. I did an awesome presentation for Wiphold on my innovation will be downloading my technique booklet for all to use for free soon on this blog. Anyway during the presentation and while reading the newspapers the same old story kept on popping up. Fires in shacks. Now after much debate we all realised that it is very difficult to stop shack fires but we asked ourselves the question. What do people miss the most. Everyone was very clear that photo's, ID's, birth and marriage certificates, money, awards, degrees and so on is the worst thing, the most expensive thing and the most hassle for poor communities. What this needs is a firebox that can be locked and if there is a fire all docs are still safe. I have looked at fireboxes across the world and they are importable. We could also try and manufacture in SA and Old mutual could defintelky brand them. What do you think? Would 2 milli0n housholds purchase a firebox for R300 and receive an Old Mutual hamper at the same time?