Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hi Everyone, it seems like innovation and entrepreneurship are on the up and up in SA....actually it seems like its going through the roof! I do think that innovation is only just catching up in this country and that people are slowly seeing that to be successfull globally innovation into the future is the key. I have linked up with the DA (that is the political party) to help manage the youth entrepreneusrhip competition on the 31 Aug. I am really excited about this because i hate competitions as there are winners and losers. However the format we will be using is that anyone can pitch an idea between the ages of 16-28, and everyone will receive feedback, and anyone can win the pitching for new ideas and innovations there will be no losers! and thats the way it should be, as the more people who start innovative businesses the more people will be inspired and the more this country will be awesome. Talking about new awesome ideas the open public pitch sessions which we have been running for a while now have unearthed some real raw talent. A young school kid has come up with a kit that like costs R5 bucks and can test wether young kids will get injured in sport. The same R5 buck kit is used to develop the childrens strength so they dont get injured. Awesome! A muslim lady is starting a company that will produce Samoosas from everything and anything....imagine a pineapple and chilli samoosa....its been done, i've tasted it and its awesome. The next big food franchise? I hope so. Another youngster wants to develop a web and cell phone application that tells people when a SALE is on at a retailer. This will be awesome for all you shoppers out there. And my man Brandon and I are starting a new social art project called "speakers corner SA" where we will be developing the Hyde Park speakers corner concept with some amazing new formats in aid of FREE SPEECH in SA. Watch this project its going to be awesome. I am a speaker at the Innovation Summit on the 29th Aug in Joburg and am very excited to hear the other speakers as well. See my article in the Mail and guardian on Innovation on the 16th Aug as well. Remember to read the newspapers, be inspired and find that great new idea. On a final note some people at the open pitch sessions are asking about trademarks and some are worried that someone will steal their idea. I have this to say to all of you that think this way. Your idea is worthless until implemented. I have seen many people hold on secretly to their ideas ( and only tell their momma's ) and these ideas never see the light of day. You should be telling everyone about your idea and get it into the media. We live in that kind of age now. If you dont tell people about your ideas how will you find an investor. The banks dont really care! So if anyone asks me to sign an NDA ( non disclosure agreement) they probably need to go and find another investor not me, beacuse i will show them the door! I'm off to Joburg this weekend to convince people that like King Solomon ( the wisest dude who ever lived) perhaps their is a solution we cant see to solve the wars in Israel. I will tell you how that went next time!