Monday, August 27, 2012

The ANC youth league are marching again and generally causing havoc and insecurity. Being a man of chaos theory or entropy theory as they call it, I have no problem with protestors or people voicing their opinion. The problem I have is that the so called march is just so old! I mean it must be the most archaic forms of protest left to man. What has been shown is that mass protests happen and then they end. Some take longer than others and some are more chaotic and violent. Some cause government shifts and some achieve nothing. What I do know is that they all start and they all end and then they are mostly forgotten unless a few people get killed. What irritates me the most is the archaic nature of the protest by so called young people when protests could be so much more and so much more creative, even to the point where protests become business opportunities. I am going to start a new company called My friend Yanga from the RAA academy designed a Toi ( squared) board for people to write messages on when they strike. I think we need a rubber brick that people can throw without damaging property or people. I saw in India an amazing colour festival where people throw all colours of paint and turn an area red and blue which then turns people. I will provide strikers with all the paint which can be washed off later. Instead of sticks and pangas and guns I will provide strikers with guns and items that look like sweets which they can brandish during the march and then eat afterwards. Enjoyment! I want to organise a specialised competition for the most creative new songs and dances as well as interesting uniforms of protestors. A sort of once a year festival for the groups that protest the most creatively. For R20,000 prize this should be interesting and a lot more fun than the kaapse klopse even. I mean when you look at protestors in the newspapers they usually look like they are having a ball....a great time....sometimes such fun with huge smiled on their faces. I also think we need a bit of youtube and other IT products that will hear what people have to say, follow marches on the internet when they happen etc. and what happened to the average boycott? If people have a problem boycott stuff! So when you all see the products and services think about what you can do to make protesting fun again. Its a great business opportunity!