Saturday, August 18, 2012

How do you clean a braaigrid? With an onion! Yes its true and onion. Now most people know this but why is their no product in the market that has taken a holding contraption where an onion can fit to clean a braai grid. This is a seeing the leaves concept because it stares us in the face but no one has taken the product to its logical conclusion. The product will be made and millions will be sold to all those avid braai guys. It will be patented and the brand will be sensei onion. Even my 9 year old son Noah could answer the question, How do you clean a braaigrid? Seeing the Leaves which is my technique to find the ideas that kick ass always come from the newspaper as this idea did. We looked at an ad for braai brickets and came up with the onion. Practice reading the newspapers and this will happen for you as well.
Talking about ideas i have been trying to encourage entrepreneurs to have more fun with products rather than being so serious. The fun stuff is important as it allows us to play and come up with crazy stuff. But the fun stuff is important because it allows us to practice us our ideas. Here are a few crazy ideas that you could play around with.
Cutlery made out of penises. Sounds crazy but reading in the papers this weekend the rise of sex toys has always grown. Imagine a spoon made out of a black penis eaten by a white woman. Race issues? Will it sell? Who cares!, it will create media attention and it will put the entrepreneurs name in lights. A little fame never hurts.
What about service delivery strikes? Are there crazy opportunties here? Why not design a special rubber brick for people to throw? Crazy, who cares!
What about the issue of free speech? A huge issue in South Africa? I have decided to launch a speakers corner like that in Hyde Park. Where people can have their say and stand on their soap box. Fun indeed but watch this space it will make media attention and it will create money, especially if it grows as a phenomenon across the country.
My wife went to Vereeniging where her dad is buried but all the graves had been damaged. This is common to many gravesites. Why not have a scary tokoloshi type company that scares people izinyoka style so they dont desecrate graves. Fun and serious at the same time.
So get out there and try some fun ideas. You never know, they may make you (in)famous!

So keep reading the newspapers