Monday, July 29, 2013

Hair Credit, Stickers for car hire firms in foreign countries and spectator whistles

One thing is certain. People love doing their hair. In a country like South Africa where men and women love doing their hair and looking good why not develop a system of hair credit with a large retailer like Edgars that sells hair products and has advanced credit systems in place. The system would be developed with local hair salons that purchase from the retailers their hair products and individuals who also purchase hair products but get a hair credit for the local salon later or get their hair done on credit and pay for it later at the larger retailer. This will change the hair industry forever!
have you even wondered when you arrive in another country and want to hire a car that the car hire industry should have funky stickers on the back windows warning local motorists what country the driver is in to prevent accidents but also to foster goodwill. So if you are in Italy, Italian signs will show the driver is from France, and says hello and hopes the Italian is having a great day. This could be a really interesting way to make new friends and keep motorists amused on the roads.
At local soccer games in South Africa many people take whistles to games and own whistles but they also have cell phones. It would be much easier to get a whistle app on the cell phone although this might be quite confusing to referees.