Monday, July 22, 2013

Why a great brand and a great name means so much to a startup business!

Clickbones, Ambidex, Crutch collective, Espinaca, Hlaza Pools, Iyeza Express all have fantastic looking brands and names. You may not know these brands yet as they are new but you may in the future. I am completely convinced that a great looking brand and a great name for a startup company makes a huge difference to the success of that startup. Sometimes I feel that a great name look and feel makes the difference between getting investment and media attention. I remember launching many businesses and or projects and it was often the brand and name of that initiative that made the difference between other similar businesses. I have also seen the difference in competitions and the difference between winning and losing and i have seen the difference with investors when businesses are pitched to them. The immediate effect of a strong and confident brand that catches the eye on all levels can make the difference between success and failure. This does not matter wether it is a social enterprise or non profit or a commercial business. Non profits in particular are very weak on branding and yet the competition to raise funds is worse than raising capital for commercial businesses. Commercial companies especially when they are startups need to stand out and the best way is with a brand. i use a small little outfit in Cape Town called Neon Grey to do all my brands and this is a lesson in itself. I feel small companies are more cutting edge and can deliver within days fantastic quality and quirky brands that stand out and affordable. Larger brand companies are more risk averse and too expensive which a startup doesnt need. A startup needs something quick, simple, cutting edge, stands out and will create attention asap! When Neon Grey gets too big they will lose that edge and I will need to find another bunch of small guys who want to push the envelope of brand with a startup mentality. What I have learnt is that a great brand is more often worth more than the value of the company ( not always) and that the value of the company sits with the brand. Its amazing to me how a change of name and look and feel can change the chances of a company or social project instantaneously.