Monday, July 15, 2013

A condom with teeth to prevent rape: Believe it!

The reality for many women and girls in a country like South Africa is that violence and rape as extreme violence is a large problem. I suppose the rest of the world is no different.
The other reality is that few people have found a compelling and innovative  solution…..
Something radical needs to be done and only entrepreneurs willing to try different things can make a difference.
In South Africa a Dr Sonnet Ehlers has designed the Rape-axe a female condom with teeth. When it is activated if a rape occurs then the contraption hooks onto the penis and does not come off.
Many people will analyse and criticize the good Dr, but I salute her, not only because of thinking to become a doer when it comes to rape, but also thinking of a product that may work. There will always be detractors and yes the prevention falls into the arms of the woman again BUT if you were attacked in the street by anyone and had the technique to protect yourself then this can only be a good thing.
I hope that others will develop more and more products that may make a difference to this terrible crime.
Other ideas I have read about are technology applications such as “circle of 6” and “onwatch”.
Now I have heard some crazy ideas in my time but I think I have something that may be worth trying as I wont shy away from being a bit controversial as well.
After seeing people protest using shit ( “we call it the toilet wars where people throw human shit in public places to protest against not having a proper flush toilet”) in Cape Town,  I realized that human shit really does disgust us ( unless we are 3 years old and in “that” phase)
I would like to develop a range of water pistols ( cheap ones off the shelf), and develop the most vile smells for the liquids that will be sprayed that I can find. They could be shit, fishy, bile, and vomit. I’m feeling a bit disgusted thinking about it. So women or men can purchase the cheap water pistol, with a range of the vile smells. If someone attacks them spray them. The smell will act as a deterrent and will last on the person for a very long time. The sense of smell is a powerful force and like sound can bring people to their knees….
Does this sound too crazy?....well let me make it and try it out and then we can decide!