Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new challenge for 2013: Newspapers from around the world challenge

Every year I challenge myself more and more in the field of innovation. In 2013 I will take on a new challenge. Every month I will read a new newspaper from around the world. I will then formulate new ideas from each newspaper and send them to the various newspapers in the hope they will publish these ideas. I will try and get newspapers from every continent and develop as many innovative: ideas possible. You can all help me by sending me newspapers from any country or continent you want to challenge me on, as long as they are in English.

My first newspaper will be The Guardian (UK).

By the end of january I will post innovative business and social ideas from this newspaper and hopefully you will all enjoy this new challenge for 2013.
Of course you could join me in the challenge by reading the same newspapers and sending me your creative business or social change ideas.

Let the journey for 2013 begin.