Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Guardian UK more ideas

Ooooh some really cool ideas are starting to emerge. There was a picture of a few soldiers in the desert. Most people will look at the soldiers, the guns etc but i often look at what's actually there. Then i saw the shadows. I remember as a kid that i used to name my shadow. I think his name was rourke ( named after mickey rourke because he played charles bukowski in the movie see i have always loved bukowski!). I realised that a new trend could be started by naming your shadow, new shadow products could be developed. It sounds a little insane but then look at the smurfs or the teletubbies. Your own shadow characters becoming popular and sellable ( almost like designing your own T-shirt) and then an internet company sells them for a margin.
David Beckham about to train ( again) with another club to get fit. The world has seen so many fitness regimes in the past but could this actually work. The Man U fitness and eating regime and sometimes you could train with some of the clubs. You could have the fittest guys meeting famous soccer players. I think this could be a winner.
I loved the story about doing a basic general knowledge test in order to become a citizen. I would like to become a citizen of Bhutan so i do a short general knowledge test ( without the internet of course) and if i pass i could get in. The countries are fairly safe as most people dont know anything and the test could change daily. if you try for the test it could cost 1 pound and then you could apply for a real piece of paper. A great way to make money and a great way for people to get to know your country and a great sifting device for immigration.
In todays paper there is a story about arts funding decreases. Nothing new here but whats the solution? This is a perennial problem everywhere in the world. My solution is to set up an endowment fund exclusively to fundraise for arts projects and where really alternative models are used. The other option is to let the public own the arts companies and sell them shares!
And lastly hundreds of young people die in Brazilians fire. This is not uncommon in the world and mass amounts of people die all the time. I think a company that focuses on Death marches and Death memorials ( which one does every year!) has great potential. After all its the one thing we all know is death is inevitable.