Friday, January 25, 2013

First Stab at new innovations from the guardian UK

While looking at sports ideas and the Guardian does alot of sports i came across an idea which transforms all commonly played sports into a quick fire sport such as T20 cricket or sevens rugby. Many sports are evolving to be very quick versions of long games. For example a one set tennis tournament OR a 3 hole golf tournament OR a 7 a side soccer series on a full field..15 minute games. By changing format of the traditional games it brings in both younger viewers and women. This could be translated into any sport over 90 minutes long!
Another idea is seeing how many pictures and stories there are about strikes and strikes. I have always maintained that strikers need more creative ways to vent their anger. should be manufacturing and selling products for strikers such as plastic bricks and help strikers develop alternative methods. This is a mine of new creative ideas.
I saw a picture of a feather pen. It reminded me of a great business idea. The simple love letter. A business that helps men and women/boys and girls to write that beautifull love letter ( for a fee of course) to the one they love.
The spare bedroom tax in the UK is a great opportunity for creative renovators!
When politicians say its difficult or its BAD!, then the newspaper should turn everything that every politicians says about negative sentiments into a postive statement. So when a politician says This is a difficult time the newspaper should add in brackets this is a great and opportunistic time. It works!
The story about patient care and the dummy taped to a babies mouth made me think??? Is this really a nurses job? Why not start a private company that fluffs the pillows, tucks you in at night, brings you a glass of orange juice and sings to the baby to put them to sleep. Charge a fee for the service, and let nurses do what they should be doing.....nursing and medical care!\
There will be more later.....