Monday, January 28, 2013

The Guardian UK version 2

This is the second version of me reading the Guardian UK and finding some innovative new business and social enterprise ideas. It was interesting to read about a cyclist being knocked over and killed. In South Africa we had a very famous olympic cyclist killed last month. All over the world there are probably thousands of cyclists who get knocked over. So are there alternative and innovative solutions to this international problem? When i look at stories this is the type of problem i am looking for as it is a global problem. Why don't bicycles have bumpers like cars do? and what would they look like? The objective would be to save the life of a cyclist! What about changing the bumper of the car significantly.? Softer? what about a bumper all around the car? Doesn't this make logical sense and would save the driver huge costs if he hit anything?
There is a great article about "voices being heard" and i thought about speakers corner in hyde park. Why dont we have podiums dotted all over the world on street corners and allow people to have their say. Freedom of speech is our greatest asset and the UK could lead the world by placing the podiums everywhere!
The best story in the paper is the UK government wanting to place negative ads about Britain to keep immigrants away. This in itself is a genius idea and i would love to see this campaign. Its so alternative, fun, and what would they say? The English eat too many baked beans? Then again I am totally into making my own brand of artisan baked beans in competition to the standard tin variety.
There is a great story on daily auctions and of course we see many stories on sales! However is their a cell phone application that alerts the average joe to a sale at the local fish and chips shop? I dont think so. All small businesses to promote sales through a tech app and thus compete with the big boys. This is a killer idea and is needed in the UK as smaller businesses struggle in the financial downturn. However this is the best time to innovate.
In the UK and Europe there are always stories about soccer hooliganism. Like strikers someone should design product that is fun and harmless for soccer players to vent their frustrations. Like the UDAREF card! a red and yellow card made for fans to flash during the game to show how they feel about a tackle.
lastly i saw a story about re-enacting war stuff. Now god knows why people would want to do this but it has become big business. So I was thinking why cant you re-enact anything, for fun that is. The Tianmen square protests or the Arab Spring? Anti-apartheid marches? Anti-war marches against vietnam? You could never be there but this will be your chance to experience it first hand and up close. Except this time you wont die and you can all have a drink at the pub later after having paid a few hundred for the privilege.