Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am on the war path!

So how can the government increase employment amongst the unemployed and service delivery to the people who voted for them?

In a heated discussion with an old friend she challenged me outright on the issue of unemployment and together with that service delivery.

For me the two issues are completely connected and I will tell you why.

First get rid of the unions in all government departments. I mean why should people who work for government have access to a union mentality. These are people who are paid by taxpayers and taxpayers are the actual employers not government. When government employees don’t deliver on their targets or their mandate then they should be fired. All people in government should serve the people who actually pay their salaries...the taxpayer.

A radical view. But for gods sake the government recognizes as Trevor Manual does and Ibrahim Patel the drivers of economic change will be a great education system. Then the unions drive strikes for better wages and who suffers. The kids! This is a government paradox. This is a ridiculous situation to be in. Nurses, Prison warders, police, army, public servants on all levels should not be allowed to strike and they should have no union representation.

Now my real point is that service delivery will be based on targets for all government employees not based on just getting a monthly salary. If they don’t deliver then they must be fired.

If they don’t like this system then they can get a job in the private sector where they will have to deliver on targets anyway! People need to learn that there are consequences for under-performing.

Most of the jobs that will be created in the future will be through government interventions and this is clearly a cop out as the jobs are not sustainable and are not based on profits but taxpayers money.

Now this is my real point. Why cant some people do this? I believe that people are not taught to set targets and then keep them as well as the consequences of not sticking to these targets. This is the true measure of success and often means you need to work 110% rather than 100%. This means that a union wage and work week is simply ridiculous if the country wants to reach lofty targets of job creation, employment and service delivery. The extra 10% is what will make people successful and the country. It’s the same with the 1000 hour rule. You need to spend 1000 hours to be masterfull!

This is the same for any work, school studies, any vocation, sport, music etc. The person who works the most will be the most successful, and often work for nothing.

This is why my son will be succesfull! He trains in sport like a demon and sets his targets very high. He achieves! He works so hard at school and achieves! He works on everything at 110%, sometimes 120%. There is no magic bullet.

If kids at school set targets and work at 130% they will all achieve good results. If municipal workers work at 110% then we will have service delivery. This is the ethos we need in this country. If targets are not reached then there should be consequences. For gods sake how can we let students through to higher grades if they haven’t achieved their targets in lower grades and how can we lets them have such low standards. Government complains about education but they are often the problem talking the talk but not walking the walk. They need to get rid of the union mentality once and for all and not stand for second best!