Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ice Cream cones, potato sacks and 3D binocular glasses

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their kind words on the value of reading this blog.

I think all of you have a yearning for Innovation like I do wether you are a student, working in a corporate, unemployed, living in a city or a slum.

Innovation makes us who we are….human and inquisitive…in need of stimulation and improvement…excited and full of potential. I have mentioned this before in my blog somewhere that I believe in the human spirit to adapt and change and develop. Those humans that can change will always be more successful than those who don’t. And of course we can learn from nature all the time. The ultimate adaptable system.

Now I am a surfer and I want to paddle faster. So I looked at a duck and I looked at the webbing on their feet. And I thought why don’t I make these web based gloves for my hands so I can paddle faster. This is adaption and will make my surfing more fun and who knows I may make money as well.

And money is important BUT Innovating is much to much like fun. Innovating only for money is a wasted pre-occupation. Fun is important too!

When a kid wants ice cream in a cone the cone is nice but the ice cream is better. A re-usable cone is a very practical way to eat as much ice cream (in a cone ) as possible without wasting a cone every time.

The problem with potato sacks is that they are either paper ( really lame) or some type of plastic mesh ( bad for the environment). Why not produce a plastic bag with pockets for each potato that is reusable.

How many times have you been to a movie and bought the 3D glasses. Then you come to the next movie and buy them again. And so the wastage continues. So why don’t they take the 3D glasses and turn them into cheap binoculars for use at sports events, at game farms, and Justin Bieber concerts.

I suppose wastage is also an issue for me. I do hate wastage. What if I told you all that there are R50 tokens in the litter on the beach in Milnerton Cape Town. Will you pick up the litter? For R50? Wait for my call to action.