Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Sport is evolving rapidly, Why failure is really important and why dont i start the party of one in the next government elections!

I have been following and playing sport all my life. I have noticed massive shifts in sports. From amateurs , to professionalism, to entertainment specialists. I also love surfing and surfing has shown massive change. Amateurs and enthusiasts started the sport for its purity and thrill and a bit of the alternative side of society, then pro's started and i think this is where surfing is at now, and the age of entertainment will still come. In rugby, cricket and soccer for example entertainment is now the priority. Surfing has lagged behind a bit and they haven't been able to innovate beyond being a pro!
So who watches a  surfing competition? well surfers mostly. Who watches a soccer game? everyone! The whole family! My son does karate and its basically the same but still on an amateur level mostly. I suppose one day they will go pro, and then become entertainers like MMA fighters. Karate ninja kings! I am truly fascinated by all this progression but none so in women's netball. Mostly an amateur sport for so long all of a sudden we had pro's, and even quicker we had entertainment. To my amazement all the glitz and glamour where all to show in a fast pace tournament involving the best of the best, rule changes, and very entertaining. Now if you can entertain me watching women's netball you can probably entertain me watching any sport. My question is what comes after entertainment?
I hate failing. At anything. But i do understand that to be a successfull sportsman or entrepreneur you have to fail....learn....not make the same mistakes again....drop what you are doing and do something different...and above all move on....yikes its tough.
And lastly. Im thinking of starting my own political party. The Party of One! To start a party you only need R500 in South Africa and fill in the forms and apply. My party will not represent all the other party of one's, but will support them with funding and skills. The Party of One will not have a single manifesto or a set of rules....all the one's have their own. Anyone want to become a oner?